In-line Measurement of Solubility of Physical Blowing Agents in Polymer Melt

 Bubbles seen through the Window

Low Melt Pressure - Medium Melt Pressure - High Melt Pressure

Description of the Apparatus

The In-Line Solubility measurement apparatus at PPI consists of a custom designed single screw extruder, Physical Blowing Agent injection accessories, adjustable pressure control valve, optical window and video equipment. Metered quantities of the polymer and the physical blowing agent are fed and mixed into the extruder. A traveling microscope, video camera, TV monitor and VCR are used to monitor the quality and opacity of melt-physical blowing agent through the optical window. The melt pressure at the window is controlled by a manually controlled valve, which is placed downstream. The melt pressure, temperature and the blowing agent flowrate are monitored and recorded digitally.

Schematic of the Apparatus


Experiments were conducted with Polyolefins, Polystyrene, Polyesters and various other polymers with environmentally friendly blowing agents such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon. Results have been published in a number of technical journals and can be found in the publications section.

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