On-Line Rheology Monitoring with PPI's

Helical Barrel RheometerTM (HBR)



The HBR is a portable on-line viscosity measuring instrument that can be easily connected to any extruder.  The instrument is a single screw extruder that measures pressure drop across a flight and the shaft speed.  This data set can be converted to get the viscosity as a function of shear rate

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HBR is ideally suited for use as an on-line process monitoring system, for quick viscosity measurements of polymers and food.  The instrument does not require torque measurements and solely relies on pressure drop and shaft speed measurements to generate the viscosity data, HBR generates positive pressure and it can also be used as a feeding device for other on-line instruments. 


The HBR has been patented by PPI and is covered under US Patent: 5,708,197



For further information please contact
Dr. David B. Todd
(973) 596-5602