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Keyence VHX-5000


  • Real-time depth composition (z-axis)

  • Multi-angle observation

  • Light-shift function

  • 3D display function

  • Transmission and reflection modes

  • Lenses available: x20-x200 and x250-x2500

Microscopy capabilities .png

Carl Zeiss Standard Binocular Microscope with Cross Polarizer, Mettler Toledo Hot Stage FP82 and AxioCam Zeiss camera


  • Up to x40 magnification

  • Ramp (up to 20 C min-1) or isothermal heating mode

  • Ability to capture images at a rate of 1 image sec-1

  • Follow morphological changes as samples is heated e.g. melting, recrystallization etc.

Axiocam lens.png

SMZ-U Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope


  • Magnification up to x10


LEO 1530Vwith Zyvex Nanomanipulator System/Cryo-system


  • Three detectors available: secondary electron, multiple secondary electron and backscattered electron detector

  • INCA energy system for semi-quantitative elemental analysis

  • Cryo system for imaging hydrated samples


Bruker Dimension ICON AFM


  • Multiple AFM modes: Contact, Tapping, Non-contact and PeakForce Mode

  • Ability to image samples in both air and liquids


For more information please contact: ​​

Nikolaos Ioannidis

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