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Founded in 1982 at Stevens Institute of Technology as an independent, non-profit, industrial R&D organization; since 1997 at NJIT.


Advance scientific underpinnings of polymer technology through  

  • Contract and generic research  

  • Product and process development  

  • Technology transfer  

  • Workshop and training  

  • Information dissemination

  • PPI Staff: 15 Ph.D.’s in Polymer Eng. and Sci., 2 F-T Technologists, 1 F-T Toolmaker

  • PPI Facilities: Extensive Characterization, Processing, Wet Chemistry, Tool Design and Fabrication.

  • PPI Record: Close to 30 years of successful innovation and technology transfer projects with industry.

  • PPI Reputation: Recognized world-wide as a premier independent polymer engineering and science industrial research facility and organization.

  • Non Disclosure Agreement

  • Intellectual Properties

  • Flexible Model

  • Daily Based

  • Short Term Contractual Study

  • Long Term Contractual Study

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