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  • HPLC – UV

  • FTIR – Microscope

  • Raman – Microscope

  • UV-Vis Spectroscopy

  • Gas Chromatography (Purge and Trap, Static Headspace / Pyrolysis)

  • TOC Analyzer

  • End-group Analysis (Carboxylic (PET, PBT), Acid Value (MA grafted PE, PP or Rubbers))


  • Dissolution system

  • Molecular Weight Determination by Dilute Solution Viscosity


Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration  

  • Metrohm® 899 Coulometer Karl Fischer auto-titrator

  • Measurement of water content as low as 50 µg per solution sample

  • High accuracy, fast and simple


For more information please contact: 

Dr. Subhash Patel

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