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The principal Polymer Processing Institute core activities with industrial and government technical entities are Polymer Process and Products Research and Development, focused on Innovation and Value-adding. PPI carries out R&D under NDAs and collaboratively with technical Industrial or Government staff members, so that the work focus is on their needs and primary interests. The results of this collaborative R&D are the property of the Industrial or Government clients, and are published only if they so wish.

PPI is also involved in assisting NJIT graduate students to conduct portions of their experimental thesis work at the PPI Polymer Processing and Characterization Labs. PPI technical staff also serve as member of NJIT Student Doctoral thesis committees.

Finally, PPI staff members are encouraged and allowed time to carry out individually or in small PPI groups research on fundamental aspects of PPI’s Core Technological Competencies, such as Pharmaceutical Hot Melt Extrusion, Devolatilization, Reactive Extrusion, Polymer Blend Morphology Development, and Physical Blowing Agent Foaming of commodity polymers as well Foamable Celluloid (FC).

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