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Nano-16 mm

  • For continuous extrusion processes for batches of 20 - 100 g/h

  • Equipped with the micro-plunger feeder

  • Torque of 42 Nm allows for the processing of highly viscous materials 

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  • Flexible operation thanks to tie rods as barrel connections

  • High torque for torque-limited formulations

  • Reference machine for countless institutes and research facilities

  • Highly flexible LSA die heads with filters

Tandem Line

  • Low foam density

  • Separation of processing steps (i.e., mixing and cooling) and better process control

  • High residence time and cooling capacity

  • High output rate and more desirable cellular structure for commercialization


  • PLC Field Bus Technology – Controls and diagnostics

  • RFID Self-Recognition of Attachments

  • AC Servo Motor

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For more information please contact: 

Chunmeng Lu

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