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PPI is actively involved in the development of high-performance foam products from industrial to pharmaceutical polymers, utilizing both chemical and physical blowing agents, such as CO2, N2, hydrocarbons, HCFCs, HFOs, NaHCO3 etc.


PPI’s foam production capabilities are:

Batch Foaming

PPI is capable of production of foam samples with various densities using chemical and physical blowing agents. Samples are loaded into a mold and placed between the plates of a Carver press kept at a specific temperature. The blowing agent is then introduced to the mold for a certain amount of time.  The gas pressure is then released rapidly. Due to the sudden pressure release and resulting thermodynamic instability of the polymer-gas system, cells are nucleated and a cellular structure is produced.

Extrusion Foaming

Various extrusion systems are available for production of low/medium/high density foams:


Expandable Beads and Mixing Technology

A sintering unit which consists of a steam generator and various molds is used to produce a variety of expanded foam products from expandable beads.  Seamless and complex geometries can be produced using this technique where no secondary process, such as thermoforming or welding will be required.

Polymer Property Measurements For Foam Feasibility




Foam Characterization


For more information please contact: ​​

Niloufar Faridi

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