Perkin-Elmer DSC 8000

Perkin-Elmer TGA 8000

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer DMTA-IV

  • Comprehensive package for thermal and thermomechanical characterization

  • Supporting processing trial to find the optimum condition

  • DMTA can be a compliment to verify the glass transition determined with DSC for filled polymer or composite materials

  • Wide range of temperature  for DSC (-80°C to 400°C) and for DMTA (-140°C to 400°C)

  • Reaction Kinetics for both DSC and TGA

  • Time Temperature Superposition

  • Creep and recovery

  • Frequency sweep from -70°C to 100°C

  • Rheological properties can be extended up to 20 decades

  • Important to determine the properties at very high frequency like in electronic application

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